Pleased to Support St. Francis Manor

Site Review Team, evaluating St. Francis Manor

JI member Dennis Longwell has proved that you can go home again. Formerly a board member of the JI Foundation where he served as Grant Review Chair and ultimately President from 2006-2008, Dennis has recently returned as a Site Review Team Captain, evaluating Striving for Success (providing laptops for a Gifford Middle School after school program) and St. Francis Manor (offering affordable, efficiency apartments for low-income seniors who are able to live independently). The St. Francis grant will help the center to build 18 new housing units, so critically needed because “the availability of such housing in our county is very limited, with long waiting lists before openings actually occur,” according to Dennis.

“We are so pleased to support St. Francis Manor, as it provides a pleasant setting and congenial social environment for financially needy older folks who might otherwise be living in their cars or in sub-par living accommodations.” Dennis Longwell

The needs in our community are great, and we are truly thankful for the outpouring of support from our generous donors in John’s Island. Your spirit and compassion allow the Foundation to make a lasting difference in the lives of residents throughout Indian River County.

Our donors are an essential part of the JI Village!

It takes a village to provide caring philanthropy to meet the capital needs of agencies serving the disadvantaged in Indian River County. This year, the John’s Island Foundation is blessed to have a village comprised of nine site captains and 35 team members. These teams are currently visiting 23 local, nonprofit agencies to review grant requests totaling almost $800,000.

Back left to right: Angelia Perry, Cayla Atkins, Delvin Cotton, Jasmine Davis, Julie Parker, Lisa Holmes

Julie Parker, a member of the JI community since 2008, wasted no time putting her business background to work. A site review team member since 2010, she has captained teams since 2012 while also serving as a Foundation board member. This year she and her team will evaluate grant applications from Feed the Lambs, which needs laptops for its tutoring program; Salvation Army, which seeks to purchase a new cooler and freezer; and Gifford Youth Achievement Center, which requires new hurricane-proof windows.

“One of my biggest rewards on the site visits is meeting so many heroic community leaders who are making sure on a daily basis that kids and families don’t fall through the cracks,” said Julie. “John’s Island is a beautiful place to live, but it has been both eye-opening and heartwarming for me visit these inspirational agencies that are helping the many less fortunate people in our county.”

Julie’s advice to others who are seeking to make a difference in the community? “You will be moved by the human experience…and you will get hooked like I did!”

JI Foundation thanks its 2017-2018 Site Team Captains: Pat Brier, Rob Elliott, John Hessian, Don Kittell, Dennis Longwell, Julie Parker, Bill Sayler, Steve Trooboff, and Margie Wheeler.

Our donors are an essential part of the JI Village! It’s not too late to contribute to the JI Foundation- your gift, big or small, will help us to make a lasting difference in our community!

18 years of philanthropy

JIF Foundation board members attended the new classroom dedication at the Wabasso School.

As we celebrate our 18th year of philanthropy, The John’s Island Foundation is thankful for the many generous donors who make it possible for us to achieve our mission of making grants for the capital needs of nonprofit agencies serving the disadvantaged in Indian River County.  Nine site review teams made up of 36 John’s Island members have already begun visiting agencies and evaluating our grant requests, so we are off and running!

One of our most heartwarming projects has been our recent support of the Wabasso School, a special education center serving students aged 5-22 that helps children and young adults reach their maximum potential for independent living and academic achievement.  In 2016, we provided funds for Wabasso to purchase ipads with communication applications enabling non-verbal students to communicate during class time and outside school. In 2017, we were delighted to fund the renovation of a classroom that now successfully functions as a model house, designed to prepare the students for independent living – complete with a working kitchen, laundry, bathroom, bedroom and living room.  Several JI Foundation board members recently attended the dedication of this new space, where we were treated to a delicious breakfast prepared and served by the students as well as a student-guided tour of the new classroom.  We were thrilled to see first-hand how we are making such a difference in the lives of these children!

We could not serve our community without your support…thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Annual Donor Reception
All current donors are invited to our Annual Donor Reception, Monday January 29
th, at 6pm in the Golf Club.  The reception is totally underwritten by our generous sponsors: The Hill Group, John’s Island Real Estate, The Law Offices of John E. Moore III, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi of Melbourne, Northern Trust and Vero Insurance. 

We Want to Express Our Thanks and Gratitude

As we enter the holiday season, all of us here at the John’s Island Foundation want to express our thanks and gratitude to our many generous donors who have supported the needy in our community while creating lasting change for the future.

On November 8, Emily and Ned Sherwood opened their home to host a special Foundation reception, sponsored by Northern Trust, for Leadership Circle donors (those whose gifts were $5,000 or more).

On January 29, the Annual Donor Reception will be held at the Golf Club starting at 6 pm.  The reception is funded by our generous sponsors to date: The Hill Group, John’s Island Real Estate, The Law Offices of John E. Moore, III, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi of Melbourne and Vero Insurance.  All current donors (those who have contributed between 6/1/16 and 12/31/17) will be invited to attend.

Over the past year, contributions enabled the Foundation to donate over $869,000 to fund capital needs for over 20 agencies in our Indian River community.  An example of one such agency is the Economic Opportunities Council to which we provided over $21,000 for new computers for a Head Start classroom.

Please consider joining one of our site review teams in the coming year.  In the past, members have found it to be a great way to learn about and address the needs and challenges existing in our local community while sharing their financial, analytical and other skill sets with the Foundation. Thank you for your support of the John’s Island Foundation.

Directly Funding Long-term Capital Needs

A Head Start student at the Economic Opportunities Council learns from a computer funded by John’s Island Foundation.

We create lasting change. The John’s Island Foundation changes the lives of our neighbors in Indian River County by directly funding the long-term capital needs of over 20 deserving agencies in our community. Last year, we provided computer programs for seniors with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, equipped preschool classrooms with SMART boards, supplied housing for veterans, and so much more.

We make an impact. Thanks to the generous support of John’s Island residents, we donated over $750,000 last year for the capital needs of nonprofit organizations. Since our inception in 1999, the Foundation has contributed $9.9 million to our community.

We rely on you to help us in our mission. The John’s Island Foundation is fortunate to have a unique model that does not rely on fundraisers or events. We raise funds solely through your donations. Please consider supporting the Foundation to the extent possible. We have a Leadership Circle that gives special recognition to donors who have shown extraordinary generosity over the previous 12 months:

Leadership Circle Platinum- $15,000 or more
Leadership Circle Gold – $10,000 or more
Leadership Circle Silver – $5,000 or more

The Foundation recognizes Leadership Circle members in its Annual Report and celebrates this elite group at an exclusive cocktail party.

We value our leadership. The John’s Island Foundation is pleased to announce its officers for the 2017-2018 season. Each of these board members brings substantial experience and proven commitment to the Executive Committee.

Ken Wessel, President
Carole Parks, Secretary
Jim Poole, Vice President
Emily Sherwood, Development & Marketing Chair
Steve Anderson, Treasurer
Jay Anglada, Grant Review Chair

Along with board members Pat Brier, Don Kittell, Bill Sayler, Jim Smith, and Steve Trooboff, the Foundation looks forward to another outstanding year of commitment to the community, with an abundance of gratitude to the retiring officers for their hard work and accomplishments over the past three years.

Be Part Of The Process

Site Review Team

Although you may not be planning that far ahead, please give some thought to contributing a small amount of your time and talents by joining one of the John’s Island Foundation’s Site Review teams next year. In January, each team usually visits three charitable agencies in Indian River County who have requested a Foundation grant to meet their capital needs. This year we have scheduled team visits to twenty-eight of these agencies. The purpose of each visit is to evaluate the request and to report to the Foundation Board how much of the grant, if any, should be given. As a team member, you met the principals of the charity and see first-hand what they do and who benefits from their work. It only takes a couple of hours for each visit and past site team members have found the experience to be enlightening and rewarding. The John’s Island Foundation provides only for capital needs of charitable agencies in Indian River County and compliments the work of the John’s Island Community Service League and United Way who provide funding for operations. If you would like to join a site review team please please visit the contact page.

Transforming Learning for Students at the wabasso school

This month we are reviewing requests from 27 non-profit organizations in Indian River County, totaling more than $850,00 to fund their various capital projects. Since we don’t have the funds to support all these requests, we will need to make some difficult choices. A final determination on funding decisions will be announced by the Board at the end of March.

Wabasso students using the iPads provided by the JIF grant.

One example of the type of capital funding requests we receive is from the Education Foundation for the Wabasso School. This school is a special education center serving students aged 5-22. The mission of the school is to help children and young adults reach their maximum potential for independent living and academic achievement. Most of the students are developmentally disabled and have no or very limited ability to speak. John’s Island Foundation was asked to provide funds for iPads loaded with communication applications to enable the non-verbal students to communicate during class time. These individual mobile devices can transform learning for the students and also allow them to communicate outside school with family and people in their community.

We would like to continue helping local non-profit organizations which we feel are well run and are providing needed services in our county. Please consider making a donation this year to the John’s Island Foundation. Please go the the donation page for a convenient way to charge your contribution to your John’s Island Club account or simply call Jennifer Jones at 772-234-0992.

Unique in its Mission to Provide Grants for Capital Improvement of Deserving Charities

This year there are twenty-seven non-profit organizations from Indian River County requesting funding from the John’s Island Foundation totaling $840,165. These requests are for a variety of capital needs and improvements. According to Jay Anglada, Grant Review Chair, site review teams are in the process of conducting comprehensive agency visits, determining which organizations will receive funding. There are nine teams consisting of a Captain and three to four team members. This year’s Captains are: Carol Critchell, Don Dussing, Rob Elliott, John Hessian, Lou Hoynes, Don Kittel, Julie Parker, Bill Saylor and Steve Trooboff. In order to get a complete understanding of how each non-profit serves the neediest of our population within our community, they will meet and visit with the leadership of the assigned organization and thoroughly review the appropriateness of each request in detail. Once completed, the teams will then present their recommendations to the John’s Island Foundation Board. If you would be interested in joining a site review team next year, please contact Jay Anglada or Jennifer Jones, Executive Director, at 772-234-0992.

The John’s Island Foundation is unique in its mission to provide grants for capital improvement of deserving charities here in Indian River County. This financial support complements other funders like the John’s Island Community Service League and the United Way who provide operating dollars to many of the same non-profits. For example, this year the Alzheimer & Parkinson Association has requested $12,539 for new computers and software programs to be used by the clients during their activities; the Samaritan Center has asked for $44,750 for bedbug resistant bedroom furniture and bedding; Treasure Coast Community Health needs $50,000 for a large SUV with towing capabilities; and, Epic Mission has asked for $28,000 for electrical upgrades to their buildings and a UTV vehicle.

If you haven’t already supported the Foundation, it isn’t too late to contribute to make a lasting difference in our community. Please go the the donation page for a convenient way to charge your contribution to your John’s Island Club account or simply call Jennifer Jones at 772-234-0992.