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2017-2018 Site Review Teams

Grant Review Chair: Jay Anglada

Team Captain: Pat Brier
Team Members: Sarah Connors, Kate Khanna, Carole Parks, Peggy Rickard, Toms Royal
Agency Assignments: Buggy Bunch, Economic Opportunities Council, Epic Mission

Team Captain: Rob Elliott
Team Members: Peggy Lyons, Dick Meurer, Trish Mulvoy, Pinky Regan
Agency Assignments: The ARC, Mental Health Association, SunCoast Mental Health

Team Captain: John Hessian
Team Members: Betty Jacobsen, Betsy Kittell, Carole Taylor
Agency Assignments: Crossover Mission, Education Foundation

Team Captain: Don Kittell
Team Members: Leslie Caruso, John Hardy, Cathy Sommers
Agency Assignments: Camp Haven, Senior Resources, United Against Poverty

Team Captain: Dennis Longwell
Team Members: Susie and David Hentschel, Anne Rhoads, Charlie Richards
Agency Assignments: St. Francis Manor, Striving for Success

Team Captain: Julie Parker
Team Members: Francie Cramb, Elissa Holmes, Gerry Saxe, Linda Williams
Agency Assignments: Feed the Lambs, GYAC, Salvation Army

Team Captain: Bill Sayler
Team Members: Bob Khanna, Lem Sperry, Celie Tamoney
Agency Assignments: Redlands Christian Migrant Association, Hope for Families Center

Team Captain: Steve Trooboff
Team Members: David Harris, Kathy Saxe, Lila Stillman
Agency Assignments: CASTLE, IRC Healthy Start Coalition

Team Captain: Margie Wheeler
Team Members: Jim Daly, Cordia Fischer, Norm Rickard, Pamela Sheiffer
Agency Assignments: The Source, Willis Sports, Big Brothers/Big Sisters