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Welcome to the John's Island Foundation

Providing capital funding to broaden opportunities, build community and transform lives for neighbors-in-need in Indian River County.

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The John’s Island Foundation will distribute a record $1.7 million in capital grants in 2024.

Over its 24-year history, the John’s Island Foundation has provided more than $16 million in capital grants to non-profit agencies in Indian River County. JI Foundation grants are targeted only for capital needs. Because we fund capital projects and key infrastructure that build and maintain capacity to serve, our grants deliver tangible benefits now and into the future.

Thank you to our donors who recognize how critical capital funding is to our local agencies. Thank you to our John’s Island Foundation Site Team Members who volunteer countless hours to review applications and meet with agencies. Year after year we have asked…and year after year they have given.

Helping Hands

Donor Testimonials

John's Island Foundation Donor
“We support the John’s Island Foundation because it uniquely provides grants to nonprofits in Indian River County for capital needs. The Foundation has years of experience in the selection process and shows the same diligence in monitoring results.”
- Nancy & Dick Shoemate

Our Impact: The Community Speaks

Hear how our capital grants make a difference.